Old Master Drawing

Treib Swiss Chalet on the lac of Lucerne


This stunning watercolor and gouache piece from circa 1825 depicts a large Swiss chalet situated on the beautiful lake of Lucerne, with boats and individuals. The charming village of Ingenbohl can be seen in the background, located in the Schwyz District of the Schwyz canton, and the iconic mountain Grosser Mythen towering over it all.

Measuring 195 mm x 282 mm, this work is executed on laid paper.

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Treib, Chalet on Lake Lucerne (German: Vierwaldstättersee, literally 'Lake of the four forested settlements' (in English usually translated as forest cantons), French: lac des Quatre-Cantons, Italian: lago dei Quattro Cantoni) is a lake in central Switzerland and the fourth largest in the country.

Treib is a small lakeside community and landing stage on the shore of Lake Lucerne and in the Swiss canton of Uri. It forms part of the municipality of Seelisberg, to the centre of which it is linked by the Treib–Seelisberg funicular. The landing stage is a regular calling point of the passenger boats of Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstättersees, which provide links to the city of Lucerne and many other lakeside communities.

Treib, Schweizer Häuser; Beckenried; Aquatinta, koloriert circa 1825

Gabriel Lory / Johann Hürlimann