Portrait of Peter I, Tsar of Russia

Portrait of Peter I, Tsar of Russia

Jul 04, 2019jules petroz

Portrait of Peter I, Tsar of Russia, three quarters length, facing the viewer, wearing an armour and a decorated cloak; a crown and scepter in his left hand. 1743

After a portrait by Louis Caravaque 
Print made by: Pierre Soubeyran 
Engraving and etching

Inscription Content

Titled and lettered with production details below the image:

Petrus Magnus Russorum Imperator Pater Patriae
Dessiné d'après nature en 1723 deux ans avant la mort de sa majesté Imperiale par Monsieur Caravac son peintre.

Gravé à Paris en 1743 par S. Soubeyran d'après l'original, communiqué par Monseigneur le Prince Cantemir Ambassadeur de Russie à la Cour de France.



  • Height: 570 millimetres
  • Width: 410 millimetres

    Louis Caravaque

    Portrait painter
    Born: 13 January 1685, Marseilles, France
    Died: 20(?) June 1752 St. Petersburg, Russia

    One of the most successful foreign artists to work in Russia, Louis Caravaque is a shining examples of the Europeanization that Peter the Great sought to bring to his new city. Born into a family of artists in Marseilles, Caravaque began his career painting ships like his father, but his portraits attracted enough attention to warrant a contract in 1715 signed in Paris with Peter's representative, Pyotr Lefort. Originally, Caravaque was contracted to come to Russia for three years to paint portraits, battle paintings, historical scenes and landscapes. By 1716, Caravaque was living in St. Petersburg, painting and teaching students. He accompanied Peter the Great to Astrakhan in 1722 where he painted a famous portrait of the Tsar.


    Petrus Magnus Russorum Imperator Pater Patriae

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