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Chambre de Voltaire a Ferney


Chambre de Voltaire a Ferney

Chez Manega Frères à Genève

Lithograph 215 mm x 300 mm

Tombeau de Voltaire, Imperatrice Catherine, Le roi de Prusse, Lequin, Voltaire encore jeune, La Marquise du Chatelet.

Engraving from the first quarter of the nineteenth century.
The portraits on show are  Catherine the Great’s portrait woven in silk by 
Philippe de Lasalle (given to Voltaire by Lasalle in 1771), Frederick the Great painted in oil by Anna Dorothea Liszewska Therbusch (sent by Frederick, at Voltaire’s request, in 1775), the previously mentioned pastel of Lekain by Barat (1774), a pastel of Voltaire attributed to Maurice Quentin de La Tour (1735?), and an oil painting of Mme Du Châtelet by Marie-Anne Loir (presumably before 1749).