Old Master Drawing

Artist Portrait of Anna Foerster Roesler Graphit Drawing


Portrait of an artist drawing in a sketchbook surrounded by goats and a slum probably Anna Foerster (born Roesler), 1870 - 1922 German

Graphit drawing on paper 40 cm x 28 cm

Anna Foerster (born Roesler) september 17th  1870, in Bremen, parents Johann Carl Roesler and Antoinette Arnoldine Sophie Cornelia Roesler (born Cappenberg).
Johann was born 30 mai 1827, in Osnabrück, Niedersachsen, Alemanha.
Antoinette was born  august 10th 1829, in Schapen, Emsland, Niedersachsen, Alemanha.
Anna had brothers and sisters: Friedrich Ludwig Leopold Roesler, Antoinette Cornelia Perizonius (born Roesler) and 9 other brothers and sisters.
Anna maried Georg Friedrich Foerster.
Georg was born march 15th 1876.
They had three children, Vera-Luise Liedke (née Foerster), Antonio and Erika