Old Master Drawing

PIERRE-LOUIS DE LA RIVE Paire of Watercolors




Paire of Watercolors 

Blue wash sepia on paper.

Minor damages to the frames 
Landscape featuring a windmill (35.0x46.0cm) Frames (47,5 cm x 58 cm )

Landscape with tree  (35.0x46.0cm) Frames (47,5 cm x 58 cm )

Born in Geneva, De la Rive chose to pursue painting rather than law studies as he found inspiration through studying Dutch and Flemish works. Working under the guidance of Liège-based painter Nicolas Henri Joseph de Fassin, the artist traveled to Dresden where he was influenced by French painter Claude Lorrain. On his return journey, De la Rive journeyed to Italy and incorporated elements of neoclassicism into his works during the creation of his "composed landscapes". He often chose to depict bucolic views of Lake Geneva lit with an Italianate luminosity. Forced to flee Geneva during the Revolution of 1794, De la Rive went to Berne, Paris, before eventually returning to the city of his birth. On his return...