Old Master Drawing

8 Drawings by Edme Bouchardon (contre-épreuve)


Edme Bouchardon's 8 Drawings are on laid paper using red chalk - they are contre-épreuve. Approx. 90 mm x 70 mm each, the 8 miniatures are drawings of engraved stones from the King's Cabinet (Louis XV) they are framed 28 cm x 23.5 cm and 31 cm x 27 cm. This includes Helene and Paris, A Vestale, Athena holding a Victory, Apollo and Love, Vulcan, Wisdom, A Winged Victory, and a Parque/Victory writing on Achilles' shield. Edme Bouchardon (French: 29 May 1698 - 27 July 1762) was a renowned French sculptor, draftsman, & painter. He was best known for his neoclassical pieces in the Palace of Versailles gardens, his medals, the R. XV equestrian statue for the Place de la Concorde (destroyed during the Revolution) & the Fountain of Four Seasons in Paris.