Falls of Schaffhausen on the Rhine Maximilian Neustuck 1811


Rheinfall by Maximilian Neustuck 1811

Maximilian Neustuck, German/Swiss artist (1756-1834), skillfully captured the essence of the river landscape in this painting, making it a true masterpiece.

This magnificent Large Old Master Painting depicts the Rhine Falls with Laufen Castle viewed from upstream of the imposing waterfall, also known as "Grosser Laufen." The Upper Rhine can be seen on the left, with the Laufen Castle perched on a cliff as part of the Laufen-Uhwiesen municipality (Canton of Zurich). On the left, buildings from the Neuhausen municipality (Canton of Schaffhausen) rise above the river, with the scene shrouded in a powerfull light. A boat with four figures on board adds a human element to the dramatic cloud formations in the grey-violet background. The mill on the left is beautifully illuminated by the sunlight, providing a striking contrast to the foaming water rolling down the valley. The dark cloud silhouette provides an excellent contrast to the bright white mass of the rushing water, making this painting a masterful depiction of the river landscape. The viewer is captivated by the rushing floods and can almost hear the roar of nature's.

oil on canvas, signed and dated "M. Neustuck Fecit 1811" lower left
91 cm x 125 cm frame 115 cm x 145 cm 

(Hold your heart, oh traveller, tightly in mighty hands!Mine nearly collapsed, shivering with pleasure.Restlessly thundering masses thrown upon thundering masses,Ear and eye, whither can they save themselves in such an uproar?)

Eduard Mörike