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Francesco Londonio four Etchings Shepherds - sheep, dogs, cows and horses


Francesco Londonio (Milan, 1723 – Milan, 1783) was an Italian painter, engraver, and scenographer, active mainly in Milan in a late-Baroque or Rococo style.

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Plate 14: two goats, a ram and a horse in a landscape, accompanied by a shepherd at left.1759
Etching176 mm x 141 mm

Plate 15:  Etching by Francesco Londonio Da Napoli of Old Man Sleeping, Leaning on Table, His Dog Close By
Etching 175 mm x 140 mm

Woman Spinner and a Shepherd with Flock, 1758-1759 
Etching 175 mm x 133 mm

Young Shepherd seen from behind with sheep, cows and dog, Ruins and bridge

Etching 210 mm x 258 mm