Villa La Fiorita 23 photographs from the 19th century


This small album contains a collection of 23 Villa La Fiorita photographs from the 19th century. The pictures are bound in wooden covers that have been intricately engraved.

Overall dimensions 18 cm x 24 cm 

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Villa La Fiorita (formerly Villa Domi ) is one of the historic villas of Naples that stand on the Aminei Hills .

Precisely, the structure stands near the Scudillo climb, in a place of suggestive scenic beauty. The villa was commissioned by a powerful Swiss family of patrons and bankers: the Meuricoffres , who founded the first Swiss colony of the Kingdom of Naples .

The structure, from the 18th century and composed of two buildings arranged in an "L", is a valuable testimony to the French taste that was very popular at the time. The villa has seen many illustrious men stay, from Mozart to Celeste Coltellini . In particular, it also hosted the famous artist and sculptor Francesco Jerace who, with his works, embellished the large halls and gardens.

The vast area surrounding the architectural complex, in addition to having statues, basins, benches and other architectural elements, is also characterized by a flora of particular botanical importance. Today the complex is used for conferences and weddings.